Seminar and Conference 2013

Follow this link – to purchase a DVD of the Worldview Seminar and Conference 2013 at $30. You get not just a recording of the public seminar, but of the whole 2 days conference as well. The interactive DVD includes the speaker’s slides, timed accordingly to his speech as if you are watching the conference real time. It also includes MP3 audio format for the sessions if you prefer to listen to the sessions (rather than watch it) at your convenience while traveling. 


The conference and seminar have concluded.

An estimate of 350 came for for the seminar and 150 turned up at the conference. About half at the conference are in active ministry, positions of leadership in church or roles of influence in marketplace.

At the conference, we manage to survey some 72 participants. Here are the results of the survey.

  • 66 out of 72 surveyed felt that their interest in Christian Worldview has been sparked by the conference. The rest of the 6 gave a neutral rating (3 out of 5).
  • 66 out of 72 surveyed felt that they have benefited a lot from the conference. The rest of the 6 gave a neutral rating.
  • 71 out of 72 surveyed felt that Christian Worldview Education is fundamental and critical for Christians. Only 1 gave a neutral rating.
  • 52 out of 72 surveyed would personally implement / introduce Christian Worldview Education. 3 would / could not (rated 1 or 2 out of 5). The rest of the 17 gave a neutral rating.
  • 51 out of 72 surveyed would like to network with like-minded to impact the world. 6 would / could not. The rest of the 15 gave a neutral rating.
  • 55 out of 72 surveyed wants to be part of the worldview movement. 3 would / could not. The rest of the 14 gave a neutral rating.
  • 65 out of 72 surveyed would like to be informed of future worldview events. The rest of the 7 gave a neutral rating.

We believe we can be very encouraged with the survey results. More importantly, let’s continue to pray for God’s will to be done in this movement to equip the body with biblical worldview; so as to integrate truth into our faith; make salt and light relevant in every sector of society; for the discipleship of our culture and nation.


A Worldview Conference 2013:

A sweeping change is making its way around the world in the form of worldviews and ideologies contrary to biblical truth.

How relevant is your Christian faith today?

Martin Luther once said, “A gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not the gospel at all.” Has the Christian faith become weak and ineffectual in dealing with the issues of our time? Do you struggle making sense of truth and living it out beyond Sundays?

God wants His light illuminated by the church in every sector of society. We need to prepare ourselves and equip our next generation to be confident of and to be able to defend their Christian faith, values and its relevance.

Join us in this urgent time to learn about the worldviews of the world, as well as to clarify our own Christian worldview – that we may be true disciples who will answer our Lord’s call to disciple nations.

Are you ready to impact the world for Christ?

Dr Jeff MeyersDr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries. In the last 20 years he has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Dr. Myers speaks to more than 50,000 people each year in corporations, schools, parent groups, and youth-serving organizations. James Dobson referred to Jeff Myers as “a very gifted and inspirational young leader.” Josh McDowell called him “a man who is 100% sold out to preparing the next generation to reflect the character of Christ in the culture.”
For more on Dr. Myers and Summit Ministries, visit

Don’t miss this historic moment! A strategic gathering with a purpose! Of worldview pioneers and Kingdom builders. Are you ready for biblical truth to collide and integrate with your Christian faith?

Seminar Topics

  • How to Become a Generation of Culture Shaping Leaders
  • How Ideas Rule the World
  • Discernment – Loving God with Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength
  • *Showcase of Worldview Resources in Singapore*

Conference Topics

  • Overcoming the Sacred Secular Divide
  • The Christian Worldview – A Call to Reason
  • Gospel of salvation or Gospel of the kingdom?
  • How Jesus Equipped Leaders to Change the World
  • Five Bad Ideas: materialism, relativism, post-modernism, Darwinism, sexual libertinism
  • How to Stop Bad Ideas in their Tracks
  • What is Church and Why Should the Rising Generation Care
  • Insight into Singapore’s Worldview and more…
  • *Panel and Consultation to support a worldview movement in Singapore*

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