15-Min Defense Seminar 2015

Update on “A 15-Minute Defense: Faith, Culture, Generations.”

At our recently concluded seminar, despite the whole duration being only 4.5hr, we received some tremendous feedback!

  • 100% of participants surveyed agreed that “The task of Christian worldview education is important”; as many as 75% of participants gave a “strongly agree” – highest possible rating!
  • 95% of participants surveyed agreed that “This worldview event has been relevant”; 62% strongly agreed! The remaining 5% of participants gave a neutral rating (3 out of 5). 

(Note: Some 350 – 400 participants attended our seminar held on 11-Apr. A total of 65 feedback forms were voluntarily filled and returned. 2 feedback forms were incomplete in the relevant sections. We derived the above results from this sample size.)

When was the last time you had an event where 100% of participants surveyed agreed together with you that what you are doing is important?

Thank you for your affirmation! We are greatly encouraged!

(For those of you who missed it but would like to catch it, all speakers’ sessions delivered live at the seminar are recorded into a DVD, you may wish to click on this link to order).

A number of you had also expressed willingness to partner and support our movement. Some of you had left us with very kind words – much appreciated! Some had also left us with most valuable suggestions and comments. We thank you all!

We were uninitiated to the importance of culture. Now we know.

We were uninitiated to the difficulties our current generation face. Now we understand.

We were uninitiated to worldviews. Now, we begin…

Unfortunately, the larger body of Christ is unaware of what is happening to our generations today, unaware of the needfulness of worldview education. This is why, when we held this seminar, it was not meant to be a stand alone event. This seminar was meant to be a teaser only…

If you find the seminar illuminating, I would like to inform you about Singapore’s Inaugural Worldview Camp – ARISE, ISSACHAR!


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A 15-Minute Defense: Faith, Culture, Generations

“In 1 Peter 3:15, the disciples of Christ are “always being prepared to make a defense (ESV)” of their Christian faith. How easy is that in a scientifically minded, secularly based and liberally permissive world today? For most young, simply reiterating what is Christian (right) and what is non-Christian (wrong) belief and behaviour will not do much to help build their faith. How can we convince a questioning generation and continue to fulfill the great commission, radically making “disciples of nations”?

There is a sacred call for parents and Christian leaders to “train a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6) and “teach.. that the next generation might know..” (Psalm 78). Christian equipping and training takes on a whole new meaning and different level of challenge in today’s postmodern context. The church must rise up to produce teachers who not only know the Bible in depth, but are able to relate biblical concepts to everyday life and worldly society, and to clearly communicate this to the young. For lasting change to occur, emotional, experiential encounters can be bolstered with a strong intellectual conviction. In this light, Christian worldview education must become required elementary education for Christendom, or we risk losing our relevancy in communicating Christ’s transformational gospel.

Therefore, come join us and witness an unprecedented gathering of some of the bestlocal apologists and cultural defenders, as they tackle some of the most pertinent issues today. A 15-Minute Defense: Faith, Culture, Generations… a Seminar by Worldview Partners, will attempt to bolster your intellectual convictions about your faith and challenge your “salt and light” relevancy in today’s world. Don’t miss the boat!”

Worldview Seminar 2015 (Resized)


David Jonathan Graieg is a Masters of Theology graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary (2012). He is currently serving as an adjunct lecturer at East Asia School of Theology and attends Wesley Methodist Church. He is the founder of Reasonable Faith Chapter Singapore and runs a monthly Apologetics meeting in Singapore. David is happily married to Grace, and they have three young children, Sophie, Charlotte and Elizabeth.

Darius Lee is a lawyer in private practice. He firmly believes that God has called us to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him (Micah 6:8). He holds religious freedom, marriage and the sanctity of human life in high regard, and has defended these important values and rights on various platforms. As part of Global Young Reformers Steering Committee of the Lutheran World Federation, Darius represented the Lutheran Church of Singapore in an international meeting held in the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Germany in 2013

Leo Hee Khian is the founder of Wonderfully Made, a counseling and educational consultancy and Worldview Partners, a group of associates dedicated to equip Churches with the Christian Worldview. He is a professional counselor and certified parenting coach. An educator at heart, he thrives at bringing important concepts across to others in an effective way. He writes, speaks and advocates for timeless ethics as well as reaches out to the needy together with his wife and other like-minded.


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