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One Arise Issachar! Inaugural Worldview Camp graduate will be sitting on the Adult Forum as panelist: She is a church leader from a Brethren background; an academic who did Theatre studies during her University days. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in an Ivy League institution. You can imagine that academically and socially, she would have been in an environment filled with people who have very different values from hers. Indeed, she spoke about her difficulties in reaching out to them.

“..despite being exposed to different people and ideas, even having friends who critiqued “Christian thinking,” I was not able to engage. Without explicit knowledge about how they thought and how the Christian thinking should be, I couldn’t engage with them, and ended up getting confused, and basically remained silent.”

Moreover, she had professors who were “passionate” about changing minds like hers to align it with the values and beliefs of “humanistic philosophy”. These professors got her to question events from postmodernism to queer theory:

“I tried on critical theory – and viewed all who were above me with suspicion. The government, my boss, they are in this relationship with me to use me. I tried on post-modern classes: and knew that the bible could never really be true. Nothing is true. I tried on feminist postmodernism: and now I knew that my heavenly father was not really a “father” – he was just there to make use of me as cheap labor.”

Then, the inevitable happened.

“ evening, taking out by bible to read as usual.. I paused. “You’re different..” I remember thinking to myself. “You don’t have passion to read the bible anymore. You don’t think God is a good father anymore. You don’t trust what your leaders say.” I paused. And I thought, “Ok, so it’s either things go downhill from here.. or…””

What choice did she make? What steps did she take to better prepare herself that today, she’s able to give answers regarding her faith?

We could be living in the most exciting time of the history of mankind. God has allowed new challenges to surface for our generation – how would we as a church respond? I echo what my dear partner, Rev Henson said, “it is no longer church, business or ministry as usual.” How can worldviews help? What will the impact be on our nation if everyday Christians are equipped with worldview knowledge and are able to apply discernment? This is what this “awakening” conference hopes to kick-start.

Other than Matt Harbour who is the implementation consultant of Sterling Campus, all the other panelists of the forums and testimonies will be made up of “everyday Christians”, unheard of names, marketplace and local church pastoral leaders, parents, undergraduates and even a 15 year old boy. They had struggled, found revelations, gained testimonies to share with the body. I hope this conference will bless you as you decide to come.

It’s time for God to use the nobodies like us.

PS: Don’t forget that we also have free night sessions on both days of conference that will be open to all!. Topics below:

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