Arise, Issachar! Inaugural Worldview Camp (Jun 2015)

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(For those interested to sign up for the full camp, click here)

Today, our Christian youth are taught in Church that they have a Savior. But in the secular culture they live in, they are told that believing in God is unscientific and irrational. Evolution is a fact, and Creation is a myth. Christianity is just a religion to be kept in the private sphere. Christian values should not to be propagated in public square.

Morals are mere opinions. No truth is objective. To love is to be tolerant and embracing of all opinions, all expressions. Nonjudgmentalism trumps cognitive analysis. Liberal friends form the bulk of their community, from friends, teachers to prospective employers.

How will they hang on to their Christian identity?

Will they be able to thrive in such a climate and still say confidently like the Apostle Paul, “I am not ashamed of the gospel” (Rom 1:16)?

Worldview Camp Flyer [front]-2

There is a sacred call for parents and Christian leaders to “train a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6) and “teach.. that the next generation might know..” (Psalm 78).

Has Christianity become irrelevant in this postmodern climate? How can we convince a questioning generation and continue to fulfill the great commission, radically making “disciples of nations”?

For one, simply reiterating what is Christian (right) and what is non-Christian (wrong) belief and behaviour will no longer be very helpful. Christian equipping and training takes on a whole new meaning and different level of challenge in today’s postmodern context.

This is why worldview education becomes increasingly significant.

Worldview education explores arguments beyond the surface by studying the pattern of ideas from root assumptions to manifested behaviours.

Christians who study worldview will be able to see which worldview is most consistent with reality, and which worldviews are inconsistent e.g. atheism or fallacious e.g. moral relativism.

Understanding worldview helps a Christian see how his faith integrates with all of life, public and private, culture and religion, thought and behaviour. He sees the importance of ideas, deliberates to adopt truth that will lead to human flourishing for his own life, and becomes an authentic Christian who lives out truth relevantly, publicly, lovingly.

Therefore, worldview education is more than just a good set of academic framework for Christians. The end of worldview education has to be Kingdom-seeking disciples who relevantly answer God’s call to demolish strongholds – arguments that set itself up against the knowledge of Christ (1 Cor 10:4,5), for their own lives (Col 2:8) and for the lives of others (2 Tim 2:25-26).

To fulfill this great need, the worldview movement was launched in 2013. In 2015, a worldview seminar held in April saw 100% of those surveyed agreeing with us that worldview education is important.  

This series of worldview events culminate in an inaugural worldview camp – Arise, Issachar!

Worldview Camp Flyer [back]-3

This camp seeks to establish worldview foundation in current and future Christian leaders who will then go on to equip the larger body of Christ with worldview knowledge that will strengthen the church.


  • Criteria: Youth of ages 16-29 (write to us regarding exceptions)
  • Dates: 10-Jun (2pm) to 14-Jun (1pm)
  • Location: Village Hotel Changi
  • Rate: Early bird rate $495 extended to 3rd May. Normal rate is $545 i.e. after 3rd May. Fees provide for a facilitator for every 6 participants and all meals (sumptuously prepared and sponsored by hotel)
  • Registration closes on 15th May


  1. Jose Philip, Razi Zacharias International Ministry
  2. Prof Thio Li-ann, former Nominated Member of Parliament
  3. Liew Heng San, former Perm Sec of Law & CEO of CPF
  4. Darius Lee, a lawyer who fervently defends Christian ethics in the press
  5. Lim Eng Hoe, a crisis relief and community development veteran
  6. Leo Hee Khian, Christian counselor and educator in marketplace
  7. Jason Wong, Yellow Ribbon and Dads For Life movement founder

Additional info:

– Applicants will have to fill up an application form, including getting a parent to sign an indemnity form if they are below the age of 21

– Students with financial difficulties but with the desire to attend the camp are urged to write to us regarding their difficulties, so that we may link them up with potential sponsors

Click here to send in your application or write to us at now!


Common Q&A:

Why is the camp so costly?

There were many factors for this. One is our decision to hold the camp in Singapore, despite knowing that hotels in Singapore are not cheap. Having Malaysia as a location might bring the costs lower but it will raise other concerns like safety. Hence, when we were very kindly offered sponsorship for a Singapore Hotel as good as Village Hotel Changi, we knew we couldn’t turn it down.

Remember also that for every 6 participants, we have to pay for a facilitator’s full accommodation and meals cost. We also have to compensate for his time and service. This incurs cost on us but we unsparingly provide for this as quality of the camp and the outcome of the participants’ experiences are our foremost concerns in conceptualizing this camp – not profit making.

Think about this. 4 star hotel stay in SG. Buffet breakfast. Hotel’s specially prepared lunch and dinner – sumptuous meals that easily costs up to $50 and above. Live top-notched speakers and teachings. Relational facilitators. Potentially life-changing. Even if this is simply a retreat, at less than $124 / day, it would be worth every cent. So how can this price not be a bargain?

What’s more, even if you can’t afford the cost because you are a student or your family is financially strapped, we have already found ready sponsors who could co-pay with you the cost of this camp (scroll up for statement in green). Everything has been provided for so you would come. May we never let money stand in the way of serving our Almighty. If it’s God’s will, He will provide, and when there’s a will, God will pave the way. Let’s trust this biblical principal of providence.

How are the dates of the camp fixed?

First of all, it is our regret if the dates of the camp clash with your events.

We had to fix the dates of the camp and our first priority was to secure our speakers and facilitators. We also look at the dates when most educational institutions would be having holidays. Alas, we realize these are also the same considerations most had when they planned for their programs in June. We would certainly take this experience into account when we plan for our next camp.


Can parents come for the camp if their child is a participant?

Yes, parents are welcome to attend the camp if their child is a full camp participant, except on the closed sessions of the camp on Fri night, Sat afternoon and Sat night. If however, they would like to attend all the sessions, or to stay overnight and eat at the hotel as well, they will have to pay full participant fees. This is because the fees are actually highly subsidized to its lowest for the participants, and it will be difficult to reduce it even lower though we would really like to do so for valued parents who go out of their way to encourage their child.


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