Crucial Conversations: Worldview and Sexuality Equipping Series

Missed our highly successful Arise Issachar! Camps? Many have asked if we could break the camp down into bite-sized talks over an evening or a Sat morning. We heard you, so here it is!


There are two tracks to Crucial Conversations. The Worldview Series are adapted from our very well-received sessions at Arise Issachar! Worldview Camps. It is a foundational Worldview Series that builds the believer up systematically – from a captive (taken hold by empty philosophies; Col 2:8) to a captor (desiring to take captive ideas against the knowledge of Christ and bringing it under His Lordship; 2 Cor 10:4-5).

The Sexuality Series arises from Leo’s wealth of experience in conducting sexuality talks and ministering to the sexually broken. It is absolutely one most important subjects the church must deal with. The goal is to raise more teachers and ministers with resources to equip the church, love our neighbour and disciple the nation.

Worldview Series:

Historicity of Gospel (5-Mar)

Is Christianity the truth? How can you believe Christ resurrected when miracles are inherently improbable? Why is it important for ideas to be contended? What is knowledge? How can you really know what you believe is really true?

“#CrucialConversations highlighted to me again the importance of worldviews in a concrete manner! The Historicity session also got me thinking – we need to cover some of this stuff in our Young Adults Bible study. I personally experienced how good apologetics might have helped preserved my faith when I was younger – by making me skeptical of skeptics’ claims! All Christians, especially Christian young adults, Christian educators, should attend #CrucialConversations!”  – Head of Teaching Department, Peace Home Fellowship

Introduction to Worldviews (19-Mar)

How does the three prevailing worldviews in the world influence nations and individuals? Are we aware of secular influences in our own Christian lives? Are there disciples and nominal Christians, or has God called all Christians to be disciples? How can we contend effectively for the biblical view?

“Really learnt much from yesterday’s sessions – from all the 3 speakers. Thanks for sharing from your hearts. One of my Cell Group members recently heard one msg.. (about hyper grace) and told us it was good. I didn’t have much respond to that.. But now, I have a definite response.” 

Kingdom of God (2-Apr)

Do you feel something missing in your Christian life? Have you been told you are saved yet feel this spiritual blessing you had received is largely inapplicable to what you do while alive? Do you feel stagnant, mundane, irrelevant, meaningless and empty? What is the Kingdom of God? How will understanding His kingdom revitalize how we live our lives?

Sexuality Series:

Love, Sex and Marriage (9-Apr)

Among the myriad of ideas about romance in the world today, are conventional ideas of love archaic or are they actually timeless?  Combining insights from his personal and professional life, with research born out of a passion in educating about the birds and the bees, Leo Hee Khian presents a foundational framework that could help participants in all stages of their lives make sense of sex, love and marriage.

The 2nd part of the talk explores specifically the role of parents in raising the young: How do you talk to your child about sex? Are values still relevant? What should you warn your child about “safe sex”? Do you really still have an influence?

Sexual Libertinism (23-Apr)

Does Christianity really have answers to our worst critics in a liberally permissive world?

Sexual Wholeness (14-May)

How can we help the sexually broken? Why is this one of the most important issues today? How should church respond?

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  1. Sessions are held Saturdays, 9am-12pm
  2. Fees: $30/session. $60 if you register for all 3 sessions in a series (Students half price!) *Special Rates apply for some groups
  3. Limited seats: 25 pax / session
  4. Location: Worldview Series will be at 96 Sophia Road. Sexuality Series will be at Hakka Methodist Church, MPH, 1-B Evelyn Road.
  5. Enquiries? Email

Church, will you be ready for KINGDOM?

The church is often seen as a place where believers gather, seldom the gathered believers themselves. The difference between the two requires a paradigm shift.

Should church be a physical temple, it will be a lifeless entity without any duty or responsibility. Its main purpose will be to facilitate programmes that are helpful for the people who attend it.

However, this definition of church negates the commandments of the Lord, who sees the church as an active transformative agent – the salt and light of the world (a temple cannot be an active agent); disciples of nations (a temple cannot make disciples); His bride and a people who love as their being (a temple has no being to love).

These commandments when integrated into the believers’ paradigm, form a picture that increasingly point to the church as the gathered believers, rather than the place or temple where believers gather.

This is not out of line with the original meaning of “Church”.

“Church” is a translation of the original Greek word, “Ekklesia”. Ekklesia is made up of two words; “klesis” which means “a calling”, and “ek” which means “out”. So Church simply means the “called-out ones”. In common Greek usage, Ekklesia also denotes an assembly. Either way, Church does not really represent a building or a structure, but a group of people who follow Christ.

Church is not a structure that can be set up. Christians can certainly assemble into various structures, but the structure itself does not give Church its real meaning. The structure is just a form. The real substance of Church lies in the “following of Christ” by His people. And if we are indeed followers of God, then the Church of God has to reflect the nature of the Church.



For decades, Darrow Miller has taught about the nature of the Church to believers around the world. He is not just a teacher, but a leader who models what a disciple is, actively loving the needy as commanded by the Lord, and actively raising disciples who will make a difference in the culture. His ministry – Disciple Nations Alliance – has seen how the Gospel truth, when presented and applied in the right way, is the single required ingredient to set communities mired in poverty free. Darrow walks the talk he preaches. He lives a life dedicated to see His Kingdom come. He carries a wealth of experience seeing cultures transformed that few can match. He has continuously fine-tuned his message so that it will be practical and applicable.

Darrow was invited to speak at the Pastor’s Summit in Jan, but his grueling schedule disallowed him to make that trip. So don’t miss this opportunity to hear from him. Darrow’s health has been a concern, and we aren’t too sure when he could make long haul flights again. It would have cost much to bring Darrow here. Kingdom disciples have made it free for you so you can be blessed. We only want you to come, and to share the good word with your friends and leaders.

Looking forward to see you at KINGDOM WORLDVIEW Seminar.

Admission is FREE but requires registration.
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Worldview Partners

The “KINGDOM WORLDVIEW” Seminar is brought to you by Worldview Partners and Archippus Awakening

“Kingdom Worldview” with Darrow Miller

What would it mean for the Church of Singapore to rise up and advance the Kingdom of God? What role does the Church play in impacting the culture and how will it go about doing so?

Worldview Partners is pleased to co-organise this two-day “Kingdom Worldview” Seminar together with Archippus Awakening on 19 & 20 Feb 2016 where we will equip believers to do so.

Keynote Speaker: Darrow Miller of Disciple Nations Alliance

Admission is FREE but requires registration.
Register now at

On the Sidelines:

1. Ben KC Lee – Reflections from a 25 year journey as church-planter, pastor and coach. (What I learned about differentiating pragmatism from biblical discipleship models);

2. Henson Lim – Awakenings: How he was awakened to his Kingdom assignment, and why that matters



Change your Worldview; Change your Life!

Change your worldview; change your life! Have you heard about the Arise Issachar! “Crossover” Worldview Camp? If not, do read the many abbreviated one-liner testimonies of Arise Issachar! and more importantly, read about the sign God has given us for the Crossover Camp! Are you not hungering for something more?

We are less than 10 days to the official closing date (15-Dec) of registration of the camp, after which registrants can still apply, but will have to pay an additional $50 for late arrangement fees.

So don’t miss this. Take the step to build lasting foundation into your life! Send in your application here now. There’s no guarantee of what may happen in the future. Make your priorities right, and make your decisions the wisest today!

Twenty Topics to Impact Your Worldview:

S1: How Ideas rule Nations

S2: How to Know What you Know is True and Applying it to Your Gospel

S3: Introduction to Worldviews

S4: Scientific Critic of Darwinism

S5: The Christian Worldview and Insight into Animism and Marxism

S6: Ground Zero: A Gospel for the Poor

S7: Worldview: Kingdom vs Salvation

S8: Ground Zero: Stories of Kingdom

S9: A Personal Journey: Kingdom and Faith

S10: Kingdom of God and Why Its Important to the Understanding of the Gospel

S11: Understanding Postmodernism

S12: Public Morality – Show me its Importance

   S13: Engaging Culture with Discernment           

S14: The Third Way

S15: The Life of William Wilberforce

S16: Sanctity of Life; Sanctity of Marriage

S17: Applying Worldviews in My Life

S18: Fairy Tales are Real

S19: Understanding Liberalism 1 (Historical Context)

S20: Understanding Liberalism 2 (Cultural Context)

Main Speakers:

  1. Leo Hee Khian, Christian counselor and educator in marketplace, founder of Worldview Partners
  2. Lim Eng Hoe, a crisis relief and community development veteran
  3. Darius Lee, a lawyer who fervently defends Christian ethics in the press

Plus other mystery speakers including an Arise Issachar! Camp alumnus..

Help us in our ministry by spreading the word. Thank you!

Arise Issachar! Crossover 2015 Flyer

Arise Issachar! CROSSOVER Worldview Camp

*For registration of Arise Issachar! Crossover Worldview Camp, please click here
Arise Issachar! returns after its successful Inaugural run in June:

“Honestly, this is the best camp I have ever been to.”

“I went to the worldview camp to see what’s wrong with the world, but God showed me what was wrong with myself.”

“I came thinking I know enough already, but how wrong I was.. It felt as if an entire system, connections of beliefs, ideas and knowledge of Christ, were uprooted and correction was made.”

“…in the camp, the dots connected and I realized I need to have the faith to step out of the boat into the storm, with eyes fixed on the Lord.”

“Greater motivation to love Him and love others. Realignment towards Christianity as relationship and reality of Christ.”

“..I want to be part of the media even more to be able to influence opinions for God and take every thought captive under the Lordship of Christ.”

“..taught me what the world thinks, why it’s important and how to change the world’s mindsets.. to share with them the liberating truth that has changed me.”

“..I have taken away the desire to stand up for my faith even more than before.”

“ biggest takeaway is the change of heart that occurred throughout the 5 days.”

“..a thought-provoking (thought-challenging) time.”

“I feel really curious to look and discover the bible myself.. finding my own beliefs, forming my own convictions.”

“I saw for myself during the camp through the testimonies what it means to depend on Him to have a life surrendered to His will knowing that there is no greater joy..”

“The five day Worldview camp.. was a period of manna-raining..”

The Inaugural Worldview Camp was held from 10th to 14th June at Village Hotel Changi and had a total of 23 participants. The majority of the participants were teens from as young as 15 years old, though there were also a few adults in ministry in their 40s and 50s.

There was little difference in how the camp had impacted the participants across the different age groups. The older participants are already assured about their faith; the younger ones could be more uncertain. However, the nature of the camp is such that intellectual clarity on issues regarding the reliability of their faith as truth in all of life, was expected by all.

They were not disappointed. What did surprise them was that beyond a captive-to-captor change in their Christian outlook (previously, they were held captive by deceptive worldly philosophies, now they are captors of minds with Christian ideas), many of them also had a born again experience in their hearts. As one participant puts it in her blog (

“I’d come for the intellectual stimulation – I’m sure most participants who signed up for the camp had at least some part of that in their minds. We were certainly not disappointed with the fare.. God was mending and restoring. Each day brought fresh revelation as my mind expanded over the insights from the speakers and my heart enlarged over the ministry of the Holy Spirit.. until I am sitting before the television at night with absolutely no desire for entertainment.. My appetite had changed.. I started desiring holiness.. It has been more than a week now since camp.. I am learning to prefer God above other things.” 

Another participant’s experience shared through a private email was so vulnerable that I can only disclose as much as you read here:

“I texted my youth pastor asking him if he was free and went to meet him straight after. On my way to church I continued to struggle. Upon arriving to church I saw that he was chilling with a bunch of youths so I told God “he looks busy you sure must confess ar?” “Yes”. So I manage to have a one on one time in his office and I shared with him why and what I was about to do. As I shared and confessed, I teared profusely.. Then I realised that what I saw was not an empty vase but a vase full of dirt.. As I cried for God’s forgiveness, I felt his Love. I want to be a jar of clay, continuing studying his Word that one day I may be afflicted, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.. I went to the worldview camp to see what’s wrong with the world, but God showed me what was wrong with myself..” 

(There are many more testimonies, e.g. from the youth who attended Summit in US as well; from the youngest participant, from the adult in ministry etc. We are preparing them to share their insight at the upcoming Worldview Conference which I am hoping to see you there as well!)

I claim no credit for this as it can only be possible by the work of the Holy Spirit. I merely acted upon what is expected of all of us – obeying Him when He calls.

Being led to a different kind of Crossover…

Hence, when the Lord woke me one fine day with a strong sense in my spirit to run the next camp and with a date in mind, I leaped up and began planning. As I made enquiries, I realised there will be new challenges. Mainly, to keep the camp in Singapore, our costs will have to rise significantly. (There will only be ONE “Inaugural” camp after all – I now appreciate God’s favour in pulling us through it even more). The only logical conclusion if I hope to sustain this long term is to explore Malaysia.

I was most glad that God provided for us that we did not have to venture to Malaysia for the Inaugural Camp. There will be more inertia for an “Inaugural” Worldview Camp, so avoiding the risks, the uncertainties, and fears that many have would be nice. However, now, I believe I do have to face these challenges.

My wife prayed, “Lord, if it is your will for us to explore Malaysia, then may You clear the haze for us tomorrow to cross over the causeway. That will be Your ‘sign’.” (We are concerned and cautious about going outdoors with our 2 yr old child when the haze is bad)

She came and told me the sign she asked for. I had just watched news and the forecast was that the haze will be worse the next day. NEA had been accurate in all (about 3-4) of their predictions that I had observed then. PSI reading that night was above 150 (red zone; unhealthy) and had been at that level for about 2 days. In all likelihood, the “sign” my wife asked for did not seem like it will come true. I had expected a very hazy day (unhealthy or hazardous level).

Imagine our pleasant surprise the next morning we awoke to clear skies! As I checked the PSI readings, I noticed the PM2.5 around even be in green (healthy level)! I haven’t seen a green reading in weeks! The readings are completely opposite of what NEA had predicted!

Could that be a coincidence? Knowing God, I knew that was probably Him leading us supernaturally again. Excitedly, I marked His “sign” on Facebook with a post dated 7th Oct and hash-tagged it “#CrossoverWorldviewCamp2015″.

Why crossover? The Lord had been speaking to me since the beginning of the year with the passage about Joshua leading the Israelites to cross over the Jordan river into the promise land. Hence, I have been fond of a “crossover” theme ever since. But I never knew that things would be taken this literally: That afternoon, we made a cross over from SG to JB, as led by the Lord.

After we have reached our hotel of choice (1min taxi ride from the customs), we checked into a studio room. It was large and had even a balcony. We instinctively walked over to the balcony to look at the skies over the causeway. We thought of comparing the haze over Singapore and over Johor. But we were definitely not expecting to see what we saw next: A huge rainbow spanned across the sky from the “East” to the “West”. It was also a “complete” rainbow as we could see the beginning point of each end of the bow.

After the clearing of the haze as His “sign”, we instantly felt this is from the Lord. I began researching about the rainbow and I learnt that the rainbow, or the radiance it resembles, has been cited in appearance with God and His angels in Eze 1; Rev 4; Rev 10.

Eze 1:28 – Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.

Rev 4:3 – And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne.

Rev 10:1 – Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars.

The rainbow is a covenant no doubt, but its significance seems to be even more than that! In fact, when I re-read the passage that the Lord first showed me about the crossover, I gasped!

What was the passage that the Lord had shown me? It is Deuteronomy 31, and this is how it begins: 31: 1 Then Moses went out and spoke these words to all Israel: “I am now a hundred and twenty years old and I am no longer able to lead you. The Lord has said to me, ‘You shall not cross the Jordan.’ The Lord your God himself will cross over ahead of you.


Wow! Lord I claim Your Sign. Your Presence. Your Promise. Your Glory. Show Yourself powerfully again as You had for the Inaugural Camp. Show us an even greater glory of You.

To follow my postings on Crossover (and see the rainbow), log in to your FB and click Issachar! Crossover 2015 Flyer

  • What: Arise Issachar! Crossover Worldview Camp
  • When: 2:00pm 28-Dec to 31-Dec 1:30pm
  • Where: Grand Bluewave Hotel (4 Star)
  • 9R, Jalan Bukit Meldrum, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia
  • (Transport provided from SG – location at Bishan – to Hotel; or 1min taxi ride from Johor Bahru CIQ across woodlands causeway)
  • Criteria: Youths of ages 15-29 (write to us for exceptions – welcome ministry leaders)
  • Cost: $435 pax (all meals, facilitation and training)
  • Closing date: 15-Dec
  • Click here to register


  • Applications after the closing date will be subjected to approval and will incur a surcharge of $50
  • There will be no open sessions. Parents whose child is a participant may join the camp at a special rate of $375 per parent
  • Participants will be guided back into Singapore after campconcludes
  • Visit or email for more information

SG Elections 2015: How does God expect a Christian to vote?

Worldview education is the study of patterns of ideologies which helps a Christian identify the philosophies, root assumptions of arguments. The Word of God warns us not to be taken captive by empty philosophies (1 Col 8) but commands us instead to demolish arguments and take captive of every thought (ideas) under Christ (2 Cor 10:5).

This tells us that the contest of ideas in the public square is important. In fact, if Christ’s kingdom is to reign culturally i.e. godly values exalted as norms and standards of society – by the call of the Great Commission to make disciples of nations – then it is necessary for Christ disciples to exchange idea for idea, what God’s truth is against the empty philosophies of the world.

Here, we would simply term God’s truth as the Christian Worldview. God has a Worldview that extends to every sector of society. The King of Kings has His idea of governance. The Jehovah Jireh has His idea of economics. The Potter has His idea of Art. The Living Word has His idea of Media and Communications. The Great Teacher has His idea of Education. The Creator and the Lawgiver developed all natural laws that Science seeks to discover and Technology seeks to tap into.

Christianity is God’s total truth relevant to all the world’s needs.

Would such an all encompassing God not have a say in issues of politics?

God Himself gave the administrative political blueprint to millions of uneducated, “refugee” slaves, that in a mere 300 over years, these refugees established the World’s most prosperous and exalted nation of its era. The basis of King Solomon’s splendorous kingdom began in Deuteronomy 1, when Moses, overwhelmed by the disputes of the huge number of people, under the direction of God, gave instructions for the setting up of a government:

“13 Choose some wise, understanding and respected men from each of your tribes, and I will set them over you.” … 15 So I took the leading men of your tribes, wise and respected men, appointed them to have authority over you – as commanders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens and as tribal officials. 16 And I charged your judges at that time: Hear the disputes between your brothers and judge fairly, whether the case is between brother Israelites or between one of them and an alien.”

Some applicable principles to our upcoming election include:

1. Voting is a sacred responsibility instructed by God (since God instructed the Israelites to “Choose.. from each of your tribe..” v13). Please hold this responsibility dearly.

2. The character of the political candidate is a primary requisite for service in government.

God told the Israelites to pick people who are “wise, understanding and respected”, and these are charged to “judge fairly” between all people regardless of status and background. What kind of character would this person need to possess to be seen as wise, understanding and respected? In a moral sense; in their speech and action; in their past or current services for the good of community?

On the other hand, what character flaws should immediately disqualify a candidate?

The Christian worldview sees government as an institution established by God for the primary purpose of promoting justice for its citizens – protecting the innocent from the aggressor and the lawless. We recognize government as a sacred institution whose rulers are ministers of God for good – “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right.” – 1 Peter 2:13-14.

Character flaws would definitely include anything that will compromise their ability to carry out the important role of upholding good and justice: Integrity issues like deceit, lies and corruption; positions that compromise society’s moral fabric that will lead to the disintegration of families and society; positions that compromise the rule of law e.g. elevating individuals to be as important as society.

All of these factors are, and have been, critical to how Singapore has turned out in the first 50 years. Forsaking these held and tested positions for the sake of purposeless change, senseless experimentation, would be disastrous.

So as Christians, do we prioritise character as a primary factor or do other motivations guide us more in our choices?

3. Vote for the good of society.

Lastly, by nature of the role of Christians, who are agents of the kingdom of heaven, salt and light made in His image, which in essence means that we reflect His very image of love, and where there’s no greater love than this – that one would give his life for a friend (John 15:13), we must vote with a love for public good in mind, and not give in to self-gratifying temptations. 

Voting for public good means we vote for the best party to fulfil the godly role and purpose that a government is meant to fulfil. This points us back to point 2 on character.

So in the event that we find ourselves disliking a certain political candidate or party, yet, realise that objectively, they are the best choice for the good of society, voting for public good would mean that we die to our feelings and do what is godly – give the vote to the deserving candidate or party.

This might require us to study the political candidates and their parties, in order to vote responsibly, especially if we are new to the political arena. What does each party stand for on issues of character, morality, justice e.g. rule of law? Who are the party leaders, the candidates, and what are their background and stand on the same issues?

The bible says that godliness makes a nation great (Pro 14:34; NLT). Hence, we should unapologetically fulfil our god-given role to play a part to establish righteousness in our nation with our choice of government.

If every Christian begin to see that God really had not divided this world into sacred-secular components, or religious-public sectors at the point of creation – He created a physical world governed by spiritual laws, and human souls that relate with the physical and spiritual all at once – then we might understand that the secular roles we play are just as sacred and important as the religious activities we engage in.

So even as you vote this coming Friday, know that you are doing the work of the Lord. May you be led by His Will as well.

An Exhortation to Help our Myanmese Neighbours in Need of Relief

Many Christians have many ideas about what Christianity is and how it should be expressed today. However, it has not been stressed often enough or understood by all Christians that we are first and foremost, called to love.

The greatest commandment is love (Matt 22:38); without love we are nothing (1 Cor 13:2). Loving God is the greatest commandment but we often fail to stress what Jesus said in the same breath whenever He quoted the greatest commandment – that the second commandment, ‘to love your neighbour as yourself’, is like the first (Matt 22:39).

If Jesus does not distinguish between loving God and loving your neighbour, why do we? We love because He first loves us (1 John 4:19); he who loves God must love his brother also (1 John 4:21). Loving God and loving people go hand in hand, and are inseparable. When Christians love people genuinely, that’s the biggest proof that they love God. You cannot claim to love God when you don’t love people. This is why Gal 5:14 concludes, “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

But who is my neighbour? Literally those living next door? Not quite. When questioned by an expert of the law “who is my neighbour”, Jesus brought up the story of a wounded man who needed help. Instead of telling the lawyer who constitutes as his neighbours, Jesus switched the focus from the lawyer to the needy wounded man – and asked, “which of these three do you think was neighbour to him who fell among the thieves?” (Luke 10:36)

The question of “who is my neighbour” brought out God’s focus on the needy. So the real question is – have we cared for the poor? A core aspect of Christianity is not to look at life from a perspective centred upon ourselves. Christianity is a faith that focuses on others. We are called to deny ourselves (Matt 16:24), be crucified with Him (Gal 2:20), be like a kernel of wheat that falls to the ground and die (John 12:24). It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) and those who lose their lives for my sake will find it (Matt 16:25). The forerunners of Christianity have all set this example for us, including the apostles, the early church and our own Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

These verses are not inconsistent with those that calls us to “believe” and be saved, e.g. John 3:16, for the original Greek of the word “believe” presupposes a compulsion – one that causes our behaviour to change accordingly to what is believed. Paul presupposes such a spiritual-behavioural conversion process too, when he addressed followers of Christ, as “you who were once slaves of sin have become obedient from the heart to the standard of teaching to which you were committed, and.. have become slaves of righteousness.” (Rom 6:17-18) Obedience and commitment that brings about transformation are at the core of following Christ. John the Baptist preached a gospel about the kingdom and called for repentance and for those who have repented to bear fruit keeping with it (Matt 3:8). Jesus did the same (Mark 1:14-15). The gospel has never only been about a cognitive shift in opinion. It has always called for everything – mind, heart, soul and strength – of our body, soul and spirit. We must not reprioritise God’s greatest commandment of love to what we are more comfortable with or talented in. And we must preach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27), and make disciples by teaching them to observe all has been commanded of us. (Matt 28:19, 20)

This calls for not just a paradigm shift in our minds. It calls for us to be born again in our spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is love (Gal 5:22). We love when we bore the fruit of the spirit. In the parable of the good Samaritan, Jesus chose to contrast the acts of a “pagan” Samaritan to a religious priest and levite? Why? Do we love religiosity more or do we love Him and His commandment more? (John 14:21) How many of us today are religious, but apathetic to the things that break God’s heart? We all know of the hedonistic culture of Sodom, but we might not have heard that it was accompanied, and most probably built upon a “me, myself and I”, individualistic culture – “Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor ad needy.” (Eze 16:49)

What is your paradigm today? Are you more religious or are you more loving? Would you act like the priest and levite when you see a needy, or would you be like the Samaritan?

Every disaster in a nearby city to Singapore is an opportunity for the church to respond in mercy. Singapore is no Antioch unless we first grasp what it means to love our neighbour as ourselves.

We have had the privilege to minister in Myanmar. From fellow brothers and sisters in Myanmar, we learnt that a recent flood had left more than a million people displaced. Villages, homes and belongings have been wiped out. Here is an update of a relief effort. We hope you can help encourage fellow brothers and sisters to compile and donate 2nd hand winter clothing, blankets and suitable (unopened canned food for instance) food items in kind. If you have nothing to give but a pair of hands and legs we can use on Sat 29-Aug (packing) or Sun 30-Aug (loading of container) please contact us as well.

May God bless our Christian community to be a vibrant, loving, compassionate people, and of real relevance to communities and nations.

Arise Issachar! Opens Up for Non-Stay-In Attendees

Good news! Arise, Issachar Worldview Camp is opening up segments for parties who cannot attend the whole camp, but are interested to attend some sessions^. Terms and conditions apply (please see below).

  • For those interested to sign up for individual segments, click here
  • For those interested to sign up for the full camp, click here

The rate per segment i.e. morning, afternoon or night, is $40, with no meals or accommodation provided.

Camp Itinerary:

Day 1 (Theme: Fatih; Life)

Afternoon (1430-1800):

  • 1. How Ideas rule Nations – The Success of Singapore 
  • 2. How to Know What We Know is True &  Applying it to Your Gospel. 
  • 3. Introduction to Worldviews 

Night (1900-2200):

  • 4. Scientific Critic of Darwinism 
  • 5. The Christian Worldview and Insight into Animism and Marxism

Day 2 (Theme: Life; Kingdom)

Morning (0900-1200):

  • 1. Thinking Rightly about God 
  • 2. Thinking Rightly about The Cross

Afternoon (1500-1815):

  • 3. Thinking Rightly about The World
  • 4. Understanding Postmodernism

Night (1900-2200):

  • 5. The Kingdom of God and Why It’s Important to the Understanding of the Gospel
  • 6. Ground Zero: A Gospel for the Poor

Day 3 (Theme: Kingdom; Culture)

Morning (0900-1200):

  • 1. Ground Zero: Stories of Kingdom 
  • 2. A Personal Journey – Kingdom and Faith

Afternoon (1500-1815):

  • 3. A Cultural Snapshot 1
  • 4. A Cultural Snapshot 2


  • 5. Public Morality
  • 6. Discerning the Culture; Engaging the Culture

*Closed Door Session (Only for Camp Participants)

Day 4 (Theme: Culture; Discipleship)

Morning (0900-1200):

  • 1. Fire in my Bones – A Journey of Discipleship
  • 2. Sanctity of Life


  • 3. Sanctity of Marriage
  • 4. The Third Way

*Closed Door Session (Only for Camp Participants)


  • Worldview Mapping Special Night and Live Interview – Faith, Fool, Faithfulness?

*Closed Door Session (Only for Camp Participants)

Day 5 (Theme: Prophetic; Eternity)

Morning (0900-1200):

  • 1. Issachar, Arise: Life, Destiny, Nations, Eternity 1
  • 2. Issachar, Arise: Life, Destiny, Nations, Eternity 2

Terms and conditions:

^Please note that segment rates apply for parents too, if their children registered for individual segments (rather than the full camp). However, for parents of camp participants, they can attend sessions for free.

^However, pls note that there are “closed” segments that are exclusive to only camp participants. These closed segments are also closed to the parents of camp participants. These closed segments are on Fri night, Sat afternoon and Sat night.

^For walk-in parties, i.e. unregistered persons who come on the day itself, all segment rates will be doubled i.e. $80 instead of $40.

^Camp organisers retain the sole right to restrict or revoke entry to parties at their discretion, without a need to provide any reason.

Hurry! Tap on this new arrangement before seats get filled up! Do not hesitate to write to us at if you have any questions about the camp!

“ARISE, ISSACHAR!” Inaugural Worldview Camp

(Click here to send in your application or write to us at now! Update: Early bird rate has been extended to 3rd May)

At our recently concluded seminar, despite the whole duration being only 4.5hr, we received some tremendous feedback!

  • 100% of participants surveyed agreed that “The task of Christian worldview education is important”; as many as 75% of participants gave a “strongly agree” – highest possible rating!
  • 95% of participants surveyed agreed that “This worldview event has been relevant”; 62% strongly agreed! The remaining 5% of participants gave a neutral rating (3 out of 5). 

(Note: Some 350 – 400 participants attended our seminar held on 11-Apr. A total of 65 feedback forms were voluntarily filled and returned. 2 feedback forms were incomplete in the relevant sections. We derived the above results from this sample size.)

When was the last time you had an event where 100% of participants surveyed agreed together with you that what you are doing is important?

Thank you for your affirmation! We are greatly encouraged!

(For those of you who missed it but would like to catch it, all speakers’ sessions delivered live at the seminar are recorded into a DVD, you may wish to click on this link to order).

A number of you had also expressed willingness to partner and support our movement. Some of you had left us with very kind words – much appreciated! Some had also left us with most valuable suggestions and comments. We thank you all!

We were uninitiated to the importance of culture. Now we know.

We were uninitiated to the difficulties our current generation face. Now we understand.

We were uninitiated to worldviews. Now, we begin…

Unfortunately, the larger body of Christ is unaware of what is happening to our generations today, unaware of the needfulness of worldview education. This is why, when we held this seminar, it was not meant to be a stand alone event. This seminar was meant to be a teaser only…

If you find the seminar illuminating, I would like to inform you about Singapore’s Inaugural Worldview Camp – ARISE, ISSACHAR!

Worldview Camp Flyer [front]-2

ARISE, ISSACHAR! As the name suggests, is meant to raise our Christian youth (ages 16 – 29) today to be Christian leaders who understand the times and will arise to impact the world for Christ tomorrow. We want these Christian youth to be like immovable rocks of faith at wherever they are, be it their educational institutions, marketplaces, or church groups. We want them to be people of resoluteness, character and knowledge who will encourage other Christian youth and draw those seeking as well.

I assure you that this will be a camp of the highest standards in terms of educational content. It will also be run with the highest standards of safety, as you entrust your youth to us.

These youth will embark on a transformational journey as they discover truth – worldview style – along the themes of faith, discipleship, kingdom, culture and life.

So other than what I had shared at the seminar, I will also touch on other subjects like the Historicity of the Gospel, What is Knowledge, The 3 Fundamental Worldviews, Marxism and Singapore, The Kingdom of God, Discerning the Culture, Helping the Broken, Worldviews Mapping etc.

With me is a faculty of absolutely the best local Christian thinkers and educators. Most importantly of all, they are active Kingdom disciples who walk the talk and live out the faith they profess authentically in their marketplaces.

They include Jose Philip from Razi Zacharias International Ministry, Prof Thio Li-ann, law professor who was a former Nominated Member of Parliarment, Liew Heng San, a retired corporate leader who formerly served in positions including but not limited to the Perm Sec of Law, CEO of CPF, Darius Lee, a lawyer who fervently defends Christian ethics in the press, and Lim Eng Hoe, a crisis relief and community development veteran who will share the Kingdom heartbeat and stories of faith from ground zero.

Last but not least, we have Jason Wong as our special guest, whom the participants will get to interview live!

Worldview Camp Flyer [back]-3

As Worldview Partners is a volunteer-based, inter-denominational ministry that began as a ground-up initiative, we are very reliant on supporters like you to help spread the word of what we do. I appeal for your support once again. Please help us publicize our camp by forwarding this email to Christian leaders, parents and youth you know. Additionally, like our FB page and share the info with others.

Thank you for being part of the Worldview movement.

For Generations,


Worldview Partners

Details for the Camp as follow:
  • Criteria: Youth of ages 16 – 29 (write to us regarding exceptions)
  • Dates: 10-Jun (2pm) to 14-Jun (1pm)
  • Location: Village Hotel Changi
  • Rate: Early bird rate at $495, if registration is done on or before 3rd May (extension). Normal rate is $545 i.e. after 25th Apr onwards. Fees provide for facilitators for every 6 participants; teaching fees; all meals by hotel (except lunch on 10-Jun and 14-Jun)
  • Registration closes on 15th May.
Additional info:
– Applicants will have to fill up an application form, including getting a parent to sign an indemnity form if they are below the age of 21.
– Students with financial difficulties but with the desire to attend the camp are urged to write to us regarding their difficulties, so that we may link them up with potential sponsors.
Click here to send in your application or write to us at now!

A 15-Minute Defense: Faith, Culture, Generations

Updates on the Worldview Seminar on 11-Apr-15:

1. Please come early for the event. Registration for walk-ins and verification of registration will be done at the counter from 815am onwards. Please bring along your registration receipts.

2. The event will begin on time at 9am sharp.

3. For those driving, please do not park at the church. Please use the HDB carparks at the nearby vincinity.

4. Breakfast will be provided at 11am. Do have something light prior to the event.


Since the Jeff Myers’ conference in 2013, Worldview Partners is proud to bring you another worldview event this Apr 2015:

Worldview Seminar 2015 (Resized)

“In 1 Peter 3:15, the disciples of Christ are “always being prepared to make a defense (ESV)” of their Christian faith. How easy is that in a scientifically minded, secularly based and liberally permissive world today? For most young, simply reiterating what is Christian (right) and what is non-Christian (wrong) belief and behaviour will not do much to help build their faith. How can we convince a questioning generation and continue to fulfill the great commission, radically making “disciples of nations”?

Come join us and witness an unprecedented gathering of some of the best local apologists and cultural defenders, as they tackle some of the most pertinent issues today. A 15-Minute Defense: Faith, Culture, Generations… a Seminar by Worldview Partners, will attempt to bolster your intellectual convictions about your faith and challenge your “salt and light” relevancy in today’s world. Don’t miss the boat!”

Topics explored:

  • Is Theism An Irrational Assumption?
  • The Resurrection – Did it Really Happen?
  • What Exactly is the Christian Worldview?
  • Should Christian Integrity be Upheld in Secular Public Square?
  • Public Morality – Show Me Its Importance!
  • Plus updates on the inaugural Worldview Camp!

Date and Venue:

  • Date: 11-Apr-15
  • Venue: Bedok Bethesda Tampines Church
  • Time: 9am – 130pm

Register now at: (Please see updates above if registration is closed)


David Jonathan Graieg is a Masters of Theology graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary (2012). He is currently serving as an adjunct lecturer at East Asia School of Theology and attends Wesley Methodist Church. He is the founder of Reasonable Faith Chapter Singapore and runs a monthly Apologetics meeting in Singapore. David is happily married to Grace, and they have three young children, Sophie, Charlotte and Elizabeth.

Darius Lee is a lawyer in private practice. He firmly believes that God has called us to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him (Micah 6:8). He holds religious freedom, marriage and the sanctity of human life in high regard, and has defended these important values and rights on various platforms. As part of Global Young Reformers Steering Committee of the Lutheran World Federation, Darius represented the Lutheran Church of Singapore in an international meeting held in the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Germany in 2013

Leo Hee Khian is the founder of Wonderfully Made, a counseling and educational consultancy and Worldview Partners,  group of associates dedicated to equip Churches with the Christian Worldview. He is a professional counselor and certified parenting coach. An educator at heart, he thrives at bringing important concepts across to others in an effective way. He writes, speaks and advocates for timeless ethics as well as reaches out to the needy together with his wife and other like-minded.